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Before signing up for a trip, please contact us about availability and to determine which trip is right for you.  Once we have confirmed availability, please continue with the registration process below.

The Registration Process involves:

Step 1: Fill out the online Registration Page below or if you prefer to do by hand; please print our Registration Page PDF and return completed by fax, email, or snail mail.  Both include agreement to the Release of Liability and the Deposit and Cancellation policy.
Step 2: After registering, continue to the Payment Page to reserve your spot with a minimum 25% deposit

If you have already registered for a trip and you need make a deposit or final payment go to the Payment Page.


Personal Information
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Trip of Interest
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Participant Medical History
  1. Climbing and skiing in general and at high altitude is extremely strenuous. In addition, medical care may not be immediately available in the backcountry. We do not want you to engage in any activity that would be detrimental to your health or which would be opposed by your doctor because of recent illness, injury, surgery, etc. If you have any questions regarding your participation in the trip or expedition, please contact your doctor.
  2. Please list any major accidents, illnesses or operations you have had in the past five years
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  4. Have you been hospitalized in the past two years? If yes, please explain.
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  6. Any History Of:
  7. If you marked any of the above, please explain below or attach a separate sheet if more room is needed. Please include date, length, severity, treatment, current symptoms and limitations:
  8. List any/all physical limitations or medical conditions that may restrict your ability to participate in this program. Attach a separate page if needed.
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  10. List any/all medications that you take regularly or intermittently and why:
  11. List any/all allergies to food and/or medication:
  12. By checking the box below, I verify that the information I have provided on AMA Participant Medical History is true, complete and correct.
Fitness and Experience Level
  1. How would you rate your current level of physical fitness:
  2. In regard to the specific trip you are participating in, please give a detailed account of your experience and level. Be specific to the individual sports, ie: rock and ice climbing, alpine ascents, and skiing:
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  4. Please describe your average weekly workouts
Equipment Needs
  1. After reviewing the required equipment list for your trip, do you have any equipment questions/needs?
Insurance Information
  1. Have you purchased Travel Insurance for this trip?
  2. Have you purchased Rescue Insurance for this trip?
Flight Information (optional)
Hotel Information (optional)
Passport (optional)***bring a photocopy on international trips
Release of Liability
  1. By checking the box below, I agree to the Release of Liability
Deposit and Cancellation
  1. By checking the box below, I agree to the Deposit and Cancellation Policy
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Make sure to hit the “Submit” button. Once confirmation message appears you can continue to the Payment Page