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Private Guiding Rates

When signing up for an AMA trip please refer to the trip’s specific page for current prices. If you are looking for something outside a pre-designed trip, below are AMA’s private guiding rates for U.S. and European outings.

U.S. Rates:
Full Day Mountain Day
1 Guest $500 $600
2 Guests $700 $800
3 Guests $900 $1000
4 Guests $1000
Europe Rates:
France and Italy Switzerland
1 Guest $650 $750
2 Guests $750 $850
3 Guests $850 $950


Full Days generally begin at 8:00 am and finish around 4:30 pm on average.

Mountain Days are long days involving alpine starts (somewhere between 2 and 5 am), overnights, or just big objectives that require a very long day. Mountain Days usually last 10 to 16 hours on average.

Consulting Fees:

If you have a desire to build a specific climbing or skiing program for your business, educational institution, corporation, or government agency we can help. Most of our guides work as instructors for the AMGA (the U.S. training and certification program for mountain guides) and have been instrumental in the continued development of the program. We can help design the perfect program for your entity while meeting international and institutional safety standards. The fee is $95 per hour for program development. Please call us to discuss the possibilities.