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AMGA Training and Certification

Pursuing a career as an outdoor instructor or mountain guide? We recommend the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) training and certification program. The AMGA is the only internationally recognized educational program for guides in the US.  All Mountain Adventures encourages professional instructors and guides to strengthen their skills and broaden their knowledge base with an AMGA course.

All our guides are strong advocates of the AMGA and continue their involvement by attending annual meetings and associated trainings, running AMGA certification courses and exams, as well as serving on the Board of Directors and Technical Committee of the organization.

Single Pitch Instructor (SPI)

Want an AMGA certification to strengthen your resume?  Receive expert instruction on best practices for managing top-rope site and single pitch set-ups?  The SPI course may be your next step.  This three day training course, designed by the AMGA, is geared towards those who work with summer camps, university programs, climbing walls or in general with groups in top-rope and single-pitch environments.  This is the first course in the AMGA certification program and the SPI course can be followed by a two day assessment to obtain an AMGA SPI certification.

Skills Taught:

  • Knots and friction hitches
  • Harness selection
  • Anchor systems using natural and artificial protection
  • Complex anchor configurations and extension
  • Bottom and top managed sites
  • Raising systems
  • Belay transfers
  • Belaying and rappelling techniques
  • Understanding Risk Management
  • Effective ways of teaching

To Enroll:

Submit a climbing resume outlining the following prerequisites: At least 18 years old at the time of the course, have at least 12 months prior climbing experience, have traditionally led a minimum of 15 rock climbing routes (any grade), capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 while on a top rope.

Most participants far exceed the minimum prerequisites stated above.  If you are unsure of your ability level please feel free to contact us.

Course and Exam Preparation

We also offer customized trainings for individuals preparing for rock, alpine, and ski courses or exams.  You will go out with an AMGA instructor pool member, who will work closely with you to refine your skill set, provide a detailed assessment of current guiding practices and give specific recommendations to prepare for your upcoming course or exam.

“The Work of the guide implies abnegation. The guide does not go where he wants to go, but must go to the summit of which his client has dreamed. The guide does not climb for himself but primarily for the pleasure of the companion he is leading.” Gaston Rebuffat 1965

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  • Single Pitch Instructor
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  • Dates: fall 2011
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  • Course Cost: $450
  • Exam Cost: $250
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  • Ratio: 6 to 1

Rock Climbing Trips:

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