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Red Rock

Arriving in Las Vegas is always a sight for sore eyes. With the Cascades being so wet and miserable, I was relieved to be hitting the desert! For the next two weeks, I worked two AMGA rock guide exams; one with Dale Remsberg and the other with Mark Chauvin and Tom Hargis. We were fortunate to have great participants! I think all told, I was guided up 200 pitches of climbing in ten days………damn those guys work hard! And the good news; they all passed! The weird thing for me, is that being a guide, I’ve top-roped more pitches in Red Rock than I’ve lead…fancy that?! Anyhow, below are some photos from just two routes over those then ten days: Epinephrine IV 5.9 and Bird Hunter Buttress IV 5.9.  Hope you enjoy!

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