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Ouray Ice Climbing

If you’re not an ice climber, it’s hard to believe why people do it.  Other than looking weird, being cold, and carrying a bunch of sharp objects all over your body it actually is really fun and worth trying.  It’s generally quite easy to get used to and after learning a few tricks on how to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures climber’s glue to the sport in a cult like fashion.


Help support the Ouray Ice Park and become a member! By becoming a member: you help enables the Ice Park to continue as a free climbing facility, help the Park pay for annual expansion and improvement, receive 20% discount at most member lodges, receive 10% – 20% discounts at local restaurants and participating merchants, and receive a healthy dose of good climbing mojo!


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  • Dates: Mid Dec.-Feb.
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  • Rates: Click here
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