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Climbing D7 on the Diamond

On 8/1/09 Austin Wallace and I climbed D7 on the Diamond. We dedicated our ascent to the late and great John Bachar who put up the first free ascent in ’78. This was also Austin’s 14th anniversary for his first time climbing the Diamond at age 16. At the time he and his friend were the youngest to climb the Diamond as well as the youngest to have a full blown epic. Trying to get up and over Long’s they were forced to bivy, which led to a restless shiver fest all night long and extremely worried parents. With 14 years of Diamond experience and over 40+ combine ascents, this was far from our intentions today.

D7 is an amazing line and should be high on the list for any accomplished climber. Below are just a few photos and a short video from our climb.
We were greeted with a great sunrise. Looking out at “The Crag’s”
With unseasonably cool temperatures this past week, we arrived into the Long’s peak cirque seeing snow on the summit of Mt. Meeker (photo below) and Long’s Peak. It was quite the chilly day, especially once the sun left the face. Screaming barfies and wet cracks were encountered all too often
At the top of the Diamond and getting ready to rappel the face.

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