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BCA Tracker 2 and Float 30 Pack

If you’re on the market for avalanche safety equipment, look no further.  Backcountry Access has developed two new items that will greatly reduce the time it takes to find someone and more importantly your risk of avalanche burial. Though education and avoidance is number one, having the right equipment and being prepared can save you and your friends lives.

BCA has long been the leading company in beacon development. With the new Tracker 2, they just got better!  The Tracker 2 offers the industry’s fastest, most precise pinpointing, with triple receive antenna, instantaneous real–time display, and same easy–to–use interface. An intuitive mechanical search/transmit switch makes it even easier to use right “out of the box.”  Thinner profile and harness than Tracker DTS and also includes the “Special mode” and multiple burial indicator lights.

Check out this video of the new Tracker 2…

Avalanche air bags are, hands down, the best piece of equipment to have while traveling in avalanche terrain. Of course the beacon, probe and shovel are all necessary pieces of equipment, but by not getting buried in the first place, your three steps ahead. Excavation time is by far the biggest contributing factor in avalanche fatalities. By reducing or eliminating burial depth you substantially increase your chances of survival. The Float 30 is the first airbag that is both affordable and easily reusable. We use a smaller cylinder, single–chamber 150–liter airbag, and super–efficient venturi system to reduce cost and weight. The airbag itself not only helps prevent burial, but protects the head, neck and upper body from trauma. With its location behind the head and away from the hips and arms, it preserves the user’s peripheral vision and his or her ability to escape the avalanche before it picks up speed.

Check out the features of the Float 30 pack in this video:

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