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Alpine Climbing

Every summer we spend a fair amount of time in the Alps, the quintessential alpine playground. With relatively easy approaches (often starting with a tram ride) one can experience some of the best alpine routes in a day or two without having to spend a single night in a tent.  The extensive hut systems allow for traveling with light packs and making quick alpine ascents. With lifts well situated in the mountains, a quick tram ride back down after a great day of climbing, allows one to relax in comfort, enjoy great cuisine, good company and a comfortable bed.  Oh… the joy of the Alps!

AMA offers trips throughout France, Switzerland and Italy where popular peaks like the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, the Eiger (Alps Trilogy), and Monte Rosa live. However, it’s the steep mountain ranges that surround these mountaineering icons, where you’ll find the hidden gems and far fewer people.  With countless classic routes and fairly easy approaches, visiting the birth place of alpinism should be high on anyone’s wish list.

AMA also offers expeditions to the greater mountain ranges around the world. Enjoy cultural experiences and attain high altitude’s whether climbing in Bolivia, Nepal, Africa, or Alaska. These high mountains are excellent training grounds for those seeking new skills as well as the seasoned veteran.

The world is a big place and there are many mountain to climb. If you have a trip in mind, please contact us and if we can’t do it we usually know someone who can.

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